Famous Fashion Designers

Although born in England, Charles James is considered one of America’s greatest couturiers. Photographer Cecil Beaton’s iconic image of 1948, which shows a group of mannequins wearing dramatic James’ evening gowns in the elegantly paneled room of a London residence, epitomizes his contribution to post-war glamor. His clothes are known for their astounding complexity, beauty and use of luxurious fabrics.

Bestowed with an obsessive personality, James was a perfectionist who was known to reconsider the construction and cut of a dress – even a single sleeve – for years. His output was limited as a result, but this was of no consequence, because he was uninterested in the cycles of fashion. However, his perfectionist drive and methods towards fashion did prevent him from entering the ready-to-wear market.

The complexity of the cut of his clothes produced garments that changed dramatically in appearance when looked at from different angles. Caroline Rennolds Milbank notes in her book, Couture, that James was ‘always refining, always working towards a moment when it would exactly embody his vision. His evening dresses especially look as if they were captured in the moment or unfurling… they capture the essences of movement, they were “moments in time”.’

Undoubtedly, the sculptural cut of his clothes found its genesis in his training as an architect in Chicago. His most famous ball gown was the ‘Clover’, based on the shape of a four-leafed clover. It was designed to be seen at best advantage from above, and consisted of four black velvet panels set into white satin. James always considered his dresses to be works of art and renewed and reworked similar designs over and over again.

Often made from vast quantities of fabric (up to 25 meters / 27 yards), using luxurious materials such as satin, velvet and tulle, and under laid with three differently cut petticoats, they could weigh up to 7 kg (15 lb). Despite this, owing to James’s mastery in distributing the weight of the fabrics, the dresses were reputedly as light as a feather to wear. He had a brilliant sense of color and juxtaposed the most beautiful colored linings with the more subdued colors of his jackets and coats, which included celadon sky blue, chestnut and various shades of rose.

James started as a milliner in Chicago, in 1926, and opened his couture house in London in 1930. Following bankruptcy, and with the outbreak of the war, he returned to New York, opening another couture house in 1940. His businesses fell in and out of bankruptcy for the rest of his life.

The Latest Fashion Jewelry Trends

It’s an exciting fact that fashion trends are always changing. This has always been the way of the world, and even during times of economic stress fashion still finds a way to evolve. The latest fashion jewelry has always followed these trends as well. Some styles are brand new and totally different, while others are inspired and even adapted from classic or traditional design.

Why Fashion Jewelry?

Women have always needed and will always need to have change in their style and jewelry has always been one of the top ways to get this. It’s more subtle than chopping off all of your hair, and generally more economical than buying a whole new wardrobe. Even when cash flow in a person’s life seems almost non-existent, they find a way to make practical purchases of the latest jewelry. These fashions trends currently circle around edgy, chunky, and bold pieces to make a statement.

Looking For Heavy Metal..

Metal plays a large role in most of the latest fashion jewelry. Etched and stamped with designs, arranged in connecting geometric shapes, or simply woven into delicate and intricate designs, metal is a part of almost any piece of jewelry lately. This metal can be white or yellow gold, silver, or even brass. These are the type of pieces which have been showcased on the runways from which fashion jewelry takes its inspiration. Other uncommon materials, such as rope and suede are also making their way into the latest fashion jewelry designs. This adds a bit of rugged of bohemian style to almost any look.

Color Outside The Lines

Color also plays an important role in the overall look of a piece. Turquoise has remained one of the hottest colors for decades, and continues to hold strong in the latest fashion jewelry trends. Fall trends typically take cue from nature, using lots of deep orange, reds, yellows, and even deep plum. Some bolder jewelry may also retain colors from spring and fall such as bright orchid or even neon pink.

Make The Right Statement

This means there is almost no style of the latest fashion jewelry that is off-limits, save for maybe those horrid “bacon and egg” style earrings and paper clip bracelets! Chunky necklaces and bracelets, as well as dangling earrings and cuffs are still considered a great way to accessorize. Statement necklaces are also the best way to add some glamour to anything from a simple dress to jeans and a T-shirt.

Shop For YOU

It’s important to find styles in the latest fashion jewelry that suit your personality and regular fashion sense. Also, be sure to wear these bold and confident pieces in a slightly understated way. Wear only one big and edgy piece at a time, maybe pairing it with something a bit less understated for balance. As always, be sure you buy quality jewelry!

Fashionable Designer Clothing

Fashion industry is evolving as a budding industry all over the world. Fashion design has now become a subject of study in most of the art colleges. It is basically designing clothes with use of different creative patterns which helps in creating an aesthetic value. Charles Fredrick Worth is believed to have taken dress making to a commercially feasible stage way back in the seventeenth century. He is the man who realized that fashion designing can truly prosper in the coming days, which has turned into reality.

After Charles death in the year 1895, his great grandson decided to close the shop he started in around mid nineteenth century. However, another joint which Worth established in Paris, began to prosper in its full swing. Since then, fashion clothing has underwent many changes, most in the form of designs, patterns, fabric and style, which has evolved through several generations and turned into a burgeoning industry in the recent times.

Recent Fashion Industry

In the fashion industry, there has been upsurge of many fashion designers who have achieved world wide recognition. Some of the eminent fashion designers include Polo, Andrew Marc, Ralph Lauren and many more distinguished fashion designers. In the later generations, the fashion designers were paid a hefty amount to design unique patterns for clothing which can be presented to most potential buyers. This idea of creating an artistic impression which can be turned into original garment gave rise to the fashion industry as it stands today and the resultant products are known as Designer wear, throughout the world.

Designer Women Clothing

Almost very women has the desire to look gorgeous and attractive. The type of clothing and apparels women wear can add to their beauty. Women are usually crazy for designer clothing and it can be noticed that every woman wants to be neatly dressed. As women desire to appear beautiful, often they buy expensive designer clothing which is designed exclusively by renowned fashion designers. Designer women clothing is one typical kind of clothing which is never out of fashion, and these garments can be worn on special occasions and events. Every woman will be overwhelmed when they are commended for wearing one such designer women clothing. For all those women who want to have the latest trendy designer clothing for their wardrobes, they can visit some of the online fashion sites which offer wide variety of designer garments and that too at most affordable prices.

While surfing through different fashion websites, one can find latest stock of most elegant designer women clothing by eminent fashion designers. There are wide range of designer clothing to be worn at several occasions such as birthdays, weddings, evening parties, and other events. These latest collections of designer apparels are available in both stylish and traditional designer women clothing in most of the fashion malls and also in various fashion websites. Obese women can also opt for designer clothing as they are also available as plus size clothing.

Tips on How to Dress Well on a Budget

Every season, fashion designers launch new trends and collection. You may be confused about the changing fashion that can create a big hole in your budget. For this reason, you should plan well about your budget.

Do you need a wardrobe makeover? Here are some fashion tips and strategies on how to dress well on a budget that will give you an inspiration.

Fashion magazine strategy
You can order a women’s fashion magazine or surf the internet. Browsing the fashion trends and selecting the most fitted style for you. Don’t linger about those shops that selling beautiful dresses which not fit you well. Just find a few styles that you like very much and then study them. At the same time, you should consider whether these clothes suit your outfits that you’ve already have. If not, just give it up no matter how beautiful they are.

Analyzing your wardrobe collection
In order to dress well on a budget, you’d better clear about your existing collections. It helps you make wise decisions. You can decide what types of clothes you should buy according to the existing clothes. From this you would get a clear picture of what is being needed in your wardrobe.

Shopping at overstock stores
You should come to realize that the number you want may have been sold out or there are not so many available sizes as they wear sold new. However, that is not always the case. And the cheap price for stylish and quality clothing can make up for that. Most of the time, you can acquire the beautiful and fashionable clothes at a relatively low price.

Add different accessories to the same outfit
Different accessories, such as brooch, silk scarf, necklace, bracelet or hairpin, can change the way you look. Selecting the right accessories help you get a fresh and fashionable look. Make sure the color of the accessories compliments your attire and skin color.

Apply for a membership’s card
You can find a reliable clothing shop whose styles fit you well and apply for a membership card so as to save money. Because many retailers provide a discount to customers as they pay for their goods, especially the more you buy, the cheaper price they will offer. So just join your favorite shop’s mailing list to take advantage of “insider” price.

Therefore, dressing well doesn’t have to spend a lot of money. Always keep the budget in mind and act wise when you are shopping for new outfit. If you know these tips you will save much money but still dressing well. I hope these tips could help you

Clothing Styles for Big and Tall Men

Are you looking for big and tall men’s clothing? The general thinking of most plus size men is that they don’t have many options when it comes to clothing. This is simply a wrong thinking because now there are a lot of options available to find plenty of styles and design of plus size clothes. There is no need to go out and purchase clothes from the comfort of your home, as there are many online clothing stores that sell a wide variety of big and tall clothing. Below you can find some important ideas to consider when choosing a big and tall men’s clothing that makes you feel comfortable in it.

Size matters a lot

Whenever you buy your clothes you should know your measurements. Because one common problem that is noticed while doing shopping for plus size men’s clothing is the lack of variety in colors and styles. So, take your size measurements correctly. Measure your chest across the shoulder blades and sleeves. Also make sure your pant size should be equal to your waist size and also correctly take the neck measurement which is often overlooked.

Jacket Style

When choosing your jacket try to buy a jacket that best fits you. The perfect style is a 2-button jacket with 1 button left undone. Make sure you can button the jacket up without any pulling and bunching because it’s necessary that the jacket goes to your hips in straight line. Also take one thing in your consideration that your arms move freely and you can sit down easily without too much pull on the seams in the jacket.

No difference between Big and Tall

There is no distinction between big and tall, it’s usually the combination of big and tall sizes. Many clothing items are made for tall men with huge size and for big men who are taller. It seems more difficult for the big men who are short and for tall man who are thin. But you can find a variety of sizes in plus size men’s clothing at online clothing stores.


If you are overweight then choose pants that properly fit on your waist especially if you carry weight in the stomach region. Find pants without pleats that provide a better fit as pants pleats always fall straight. But keep in mind, depending on the footwear you are wearing that pleats may lie differently. Pants are made with elastic and stretchable fabric that allows comfort. Be sure finding the right big and tall clothing that offers classic, up to date and a trendy look.

Plus Size Fashion Tips For Teenagers

Just because you are a plus-sized teen doesn’t mean you can’t be a fashion queen! Check out some of these style tips:

Don’t Hide Under Baggy Clothes

The biggest fashion mistake that plus-sized teens make is hiding themselves under layers of over sized, baggy clothing. The intention is to conceal their extra pounds by covering themselves up. Unfortunately, wearing baggy clothes only makes you look bigger, and it hides the shape and figure that you do have. A baggy, long shirt will mask your waistline and make your body look much wider than it actually is. Plus girls actually need a more tailored, well fitting wardrobe than their smaller counterparts! Get clothes in your size, or one size larger if you like a slightly loose fit – but no more than one size above your actual size. Remember, your curves are beautiful!

Accentuate the Positive

Being a teenager is all about being fashion forward. Develop a personal style, and always accentuate your favorite attributes. For example, if you’ve got great calves, don’t be afraid to wear a skirt that is cut above the knee to show them off. Just because you’re not a size four doesn’t mean you can’t wear stylish outfits. A beautiful, voluptuous shape is entirely worth showcasing!

Be Colorful

You’ve probably heard that black is slimming, and while this can be true, why would you want to look like you are going to a funeral every day of you life? Come out of mourning, and add some splashes of vibrant color to your life. Not only will you look better, but you will feel better. Bright colors can actually lift your spirits. Also, when you wear black, you blend into the background of things and when you wear color, you stand out – and yes, that is what you want! If vibrant colors just aren’t you, consider deep jewel tones, like teal, burgundy and plum. While it is advisable to avoid horizontal stripes if you’re trying to look more slender, you shouldn’t shy away from patterns.


Fashion isn’t just about clothes. It’s also about the accessories, as every fashionista knows. Plus girls can pull off bold, stylish looks with ease! You should coordinate your outfit with your shoes, jewelry, and handbag. Your hair and makeup are also integral to your style. So many plus-sized teenaged girls simply ignore their appearance because they feel that if they’re not skinny, there’s no use in trying. This could not be further from the truth! Take care of yourself and nurture your appearance. An ample booty doesn’t mean you can’t also have the hottest hairstyle. Look through celebrity hair style magazines, and ask your hairdresser to replicate the style for you – be sure to bring along the picture. Also, make sure that you ask your hairdresser to walk you through the techniques that he or she used to create the style – so that you can do it yourself at home.

Plus-sized young women can be fashion mavens! It’s all about accentuating the positive and developing your own personal style.

Fashion Jewelry Tips For Women

There is not a single woman in the world who doesn’t want to be stay stylish and charming. As to in which way to achieve this goal, different women have different ways. As a matter of fact, no matter how well you dress in your pants suit, jeans, blouse or even the attractive little black dress, one thing that you shall never miss is the jewelry which is also considered as an important accessory as part of fashion. Below are several jewelry fashion tips for women to keep in mind if you want to add more beauty.

What kind of necklaces that you should wear depends mostly on the neckline of the blouse or dress? They should match well and only in that way you can look charming wearing them. In order to go with the V-neck, you need a drop necklace with a charm on the end. The truth is different jewelries should be worn in different occasions. Wearing a precious CZ jewelry or crystal necklaces is suitable for formal and casual wear.

It is a common knowledge that if you wear bracelets, you ought to not to wear long shirts. Clothes with short sleeves or three-quarter sleeves should be your first options. Only by wearing this that you can totally show the charm of the bracelets. If you are going for a casual look, silver or gold bangles are of one the best choices. According to different looks, you need different kinds of bracelets to match your clothes. For a formal look, you’d better stick with an elegant and simple diamond tennis bracelet. Keep one thing in mind that is to avoid wearing bracelets on both wrists which can overwhelm your look.

Details are everything even a tiny one. A diamond stud could be the perfect accessory for you to add more charm. Pearl earrings should be worn with casual wear though you can feel free to wear them to add charm. CZ earrings are generally extravagant and attractive. Some women choose to put on a pair of pearl earrings on a special occasion. It is to get others’ attentions drawn on you. Most CZ earrings go nicely with formal gowns, pain suits and jeans.

Less is More
Jewelry is actually an important fashion accessory but don’t overdo it. Don’t ever wear too much CZ jewelry which may cause a side effect. What kind of jewelry to wear depends on the styles you choose and most of the time, one piece of jewelry like a colorful bracelet, a pair of earrings is enough. It is really enough for your outfit.

Remember the above four tips and then you will look more charming with the jewelries. Jewelry is only one important fashion accessory for you but never overdo it.

Fashion School Tips For Making Your Man Less Goonie and More Clooney

Girls, let’s talk. Do you sometimes want to rip your boyfriend’s clothes off – because you just can’t stand them? You’re not alone. Many guys are clueless when it comes to fashion. But there’s help. If your man is a walking fashion emergency, you can perform CPR (Clothing Preference Resuscitation) on him, thanks to these tips from fashion school experts. You may be surprised at how well he cleans up.

Pants. Men are creatures of comfort, so many gravitate towards pants with “relaxed fits,” which is just another name for sloppy. All that extra fabric in the pants is not flattering. But some guys just can’t stop there in their crimes against fashion design. They also wear pleats, which add unnecessary bulk around their hips. And then there’s the matter of cargo pants. No man has ever looked good in them. There, somebody had to say it. Have your guy try on a flat-front pair of pants in a straight leg style, and compliment him on how great he looks. (Boys need flattery and encouragement to do what you want them to do.)

Jeans. When it comes to pants, jeans are the number one favorite, but does your guy wear the right style? First of all, if your man’s jeans are the color of the sky, they need to go. (And if the denim finish looks like clouds, that’s even worse.) Get him a pair of jeans with a uniform dark finish, which looks great even for dressier occasions. And make sure the jeans fit him correctly. They should sit at his waist, not down at his thighs like gangsta rap attire or above his belly button like dad jeans.

Shirts. Men tend to wear their shirts too big, and part of the blame goes to retailers who size them roomier to accommodate the girth of average Americans. But all men, skinny or heavy, look better when their shirts fit them properly, i.e., the shoulder seams rest at the outer shoulders, not below them. You won’t go wrong getting your guy in a classic solid or striped button-down long sleeve shirt for a dressy look, or a plaid short-sleeved shirt for a more casual vibe. What about t-shirts? A clean, solid t-shirt is perfectly fine, and in fact looks great under a sport jacket. But stay away from oversized t-shirts emblazoned with logos, flames, skulls, or weaponry.

Shoes. Guys can go years before buying a new pair of shoes, so all the shoes in your boyfriend’s closet are probably past their expiration date. Take him shopping and make sure he has at least these three basic styles recommended by our fashion school experts: a pair of lace-up oxfords, a pair of loafers, and a pair of sneakers. Now, a word about those sneakers. He may very well have some new athletic shoes for the gym or the basketball court. These do not count. Sports shoes tend to look clunky when worn with long pants. He needs a casual pair of sneakers, like classic Chuck Taylor All-Stars, that don’t have all the athletic embellishments.

Colors. Because many guys are unsure about the latest trends in fashion design, they are rather conservative when it comes to colors, sticking with neutrals like black, blue, grey and brown. It’s up to you to punctuate your boyfriend’s wardrobe with some color. Don’t scare him away with chartreuse or orange right off the bat. Ease him into color with muted reds, greens, and violets. As long as they’re not too bright, he’ll get used to wearing color. Again, tell him how great he looks: “That color really brings out your gorgeous eyes, honey.”

Fashion Guide by Figure Type

1. Casual Tops

These are simple cut tops for everyday shopping, out of town trips, etc. Such Tops can be easily improved under the new fashion trends with the help of all the possible accessories. They combine well with jackets, cardigans, chemise, etc. Here are some tips for buying such a Top:

  • Since this is a casual top, and you will wear it often, then it must be pleasant to the body and made from natural fabrics.
  • Combine it with jackets, sweaters, shirts and other tops.
  • Close fitted or half-close fitted Tops look good with almost everything. If your goal is to be unlike the others, the main advice – do not be afraid to experiment.
  • Win-win colors – black, white, gray and brown, also Tops look good if matched the color of the eyes, nail polish, etc.
  • Casual Tops are easily transformed for an evening out with the help of accessories.

2. Formal style Tops.

This is a top for office and when you need to look not too well-dressed and not casual (trip to the guests, birthday, etc.). These tops are usually made of light fabric with all the possible things, ribbons, etc. Their main difference from the evening Tops is that the tops of the official style are more restrained and do not show a lot of nudity. They will look good with jeans and formal wear.

  • It is good to have at least 3 tops of the official style: red, black and white tones. Black color is always appropriate; a white suit is for the summer; and red – when you want to stand out from the crowd.
  • Since the top of this type is itself an ornament, and has interesting details, you should not wear too much jewelry, which will only overload the image.
  • Such a top is best combined with a single-color, well-fitting bottom, for the same reason.
  • To take out a little of ornamentation, you should wear such a top in combination with the cardigan.

3. Evening Tops.

There is a wide variety of such tops.

The openness and lots of nudity is the main feature.

  • The main thing, of course, that the top match your type of figure and the best way possible for you. Choosing a top follow the rule: the brighter the better; this rule applies to both color and style.
  • If the top is a tunic, you can wear it as a dress with shorts or leggings.
  • Evening tops can be worn in conjunction with casual tops, which will add eccentricity to your image.
  • Since the top itself is bright, then it is better to combine it with a single-color bottom, not necessarily dark. You should remember – do not wear more than 3-4 colors.

All these simple tips above will help you to get oriented in a great number of beautiful tops.

Good Idea to Buy Fashion Eyeglasses Online

With the perfection of internet and related technology, many people exchange and trade online- this has brought convenience for all. This is also very popular in eyeglasses industry, in which many retailers have launched online stores to sell eye wear. Or some people have nurtured special love for this purchasing channel, especially with the emergence of fashion eyeglasses online. Fashion eye glasses refer to glasses with the latest fashion elements and popular among eye wear users. In most cases, buying these eye wear online even becomes a trend.

Fashion eyeglasses are some of the most popular designer eye glasses in the market with various sorts of fashionable options. If selecting from online stores, people can select from thousands of retailers the best and most suitable styles. Therefore, buying online can ensure buyers have more and wider alternatives- this is incomparable for real optical stores who may run out of stock in some items.

Of course, there are still other facts to support buying fashion eye wear online is very nice.

One of the most important reasons to explain why buying online is very ideal is firmly linked with cost. Usually, people can save a lot of money if purchase from online stores, partly because there are many online retailers who face intense competition in the industry and have to sell their products at even lower prices than their competitors; largely because selling online is a business mode of low cost- with less cost in stocks, rents, salesmen, etc. Therefore, many purchasers can enjoy great discount that is out of their imagination.

Another reason has something to do with time- saving. Many people in nowadays have to work in very rapid speed under very pressing condition- it would be to some extent impossible for them to have any spare time go shopping, let alone selecting a pair of eye glasses from real optical stores. It can never be denied that buying a pair of eye glasses will be really very time-consuming if via traditional channels. However, buying online can be a totally different experience- within only several minutes by clicking mouse, the selecting and ordering process can be finished. This is really very helpful for these people who have little or no spare time.

Other reason is related to consumer services. Many people may think those virtual retailers can not offer the same services as other real stores. That sounds reasonable. But just imagine- if these online retailers can not nurture a good reputation in consumer services, how can buyers believe them, how can their business go smoothly. Therefore, in most situations, online retailers offer much better services than real retailers.

Ultimately, fashion eyeglasses are always some of the best selling articles in the market and buying them online also becomes very fashionable.